Hail damage has been on the rise due to the weather in the UK is becoming more unpredictable. Recent weather patterns that produce flash flooding, strong winds and large hailstones are no longer mainly confined to central Europe, Australia and America… it’s becoming a regular occurrence in the U.K.

The Hail Network is the solution and most effective method of removing dents from your vehicle that’s been damaged as the result of a  sudden down pour of ‘Golfball’ sized  hail stones. Every hail storm generates different size and shaped hail stones, however the results are often very similar in that your vehicle can be left with heavily damaged panels and in most cases hundreds of Small to Medium sized dents.


Car Bodywork Hail Damage

The Hail Network consists of over 50 mobile technicians deploy-able across the UK within 24 hours creating INSTANT bodyshop capacity either on or off-site.

♦ Bodyshop can still strip and fit if required.

♦ All repairs are Paintless Dent (PDR) meaning no parts or paint required.

♦ Rapid repair time—up to 50% faster than traditional repairs.

♦ 18 years experience across the UK & Europe.

♦ Up to 65% less expensive than traditional repair—potential for fixed price based on damage severity



By securing a PROACTIVE solution today, ahead of a hail storm will enable you to control your repair costs and delight your customers!!

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