• Frequency of ‘Hail Storms’ in the UK have increased and experience tells us that policyholders of affected and non-affected cars suffer as a result
  • Bodyshops despite their best efforts are unable to cope with up to a 10 fold demand, SLA’s are no longer able to be adhered to
  • Increase steerage into your Approved Network during periods of peak demand
  • Bodyshops within your network can work alongside ‘The Hail Network’ and both parties can derive benefit and margin from the solution
  • Securing a proactive solution today, ahead of a hail storm will enable you to control your claims costs and delight your policyholders

What are the Options?


  • They are very flexible!


1) Agree contractual terms prior to a storm between ‘The Hail Network’ and Insurer

2) Propose to your Network that a relationship could be built with ‘The Hail Network’ prior to a storm

3) Simply make your Repairers aware of ‘The Hail Network’ without any commitment

4) Or keep the details on file for a ‘HailyDay’

Hail Damage U.K.

Next Steps?

  • Depending on your chosen option, contact Steve, Simon or Sharon at InduSTry Insights to progress
  • The Hail Network are offering free demonstration days for Insurers across the UK, at your choice of location


A traditional bodyshop repair approach would be to apply a filler compound or replace the damaged panels which spoils the Integrity of the Car.

Whilst the standard of this repair can often be very competent it does mean that your cars original factory finish and possibly paintwork warranty has been compromised. Subsequently in many cases this can considerably affect your cars appeal and overall resale value.